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Gary's Late Night Cuts

Ep 35: Coltrane (Part1) – Gary’s Late Night Cuts

John Coltrane has a church named after him, the Saint John Coltrane Church,where they say that you should listen to Trane every day for spiritual guidance. Tonight, we will listen to over 2 hours of the man. During the first of 3 parts,Gary will trace in chronological order, some of[…]

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Ep 26: Hard Music – Gary’s Late Night Cuts

Not So Easy Listening Music: Gary Hannon knows so much about difficult and challenging music if you cut off the top of his head you’d find Harry Partch and Rachmaninoff duelling with electric cheese-graters atop a pit of vipers as Liszt performs tone arabesques on a bed of nails.

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Ep 25: Film Songs – Gary’s Late Night Cuts

“Non-instrumental Movie Soundtracks”: Gary Hannon knows so much about movie soundtracks if you cut off the top of his head and peered inside you’d see Shirley Bassey playing chess with Whitney Houston as The Bee-Gees put up posters for “Rumble Fish” while whistling “The Never Ending Story”.

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Ep 20: Nina Simone – Gary’s Late Night Cuts

Gary’s Late Night Cut’s ‘Nina Simone’: Nina Simone was the “High Priestess of Soul”, a jazz giant, a torch songstress, a ballad singer, a blues singer, a leading figure of the civil rights movement of the 1960’s, and much more. Tonight, Gary explores some aspects of this incredible artist, who defies[…]

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Ep 18: Indian Music – Gary’s Late Night Cuts

Indian music has co-evolved independently of western music. Tonight, Gary explores various types of Indian music, from Classical players such as Ravi Shankar, through the influences of the Beatles, up to modern musicians such as drum n’ bass producer Talvin Singh.

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Gary’s Late Night Cuts – Ep16: Happy Music

Following on from the last few heartbreaking sets, tonight, Gary explores the emotion of happiness and how it is expressed in music. Throughout 20 years of DJing, Gary has learnt what songs get a party crowd dancing. Tonight, Gary plays some obvious songs by James Brown and Stevie Wonder and[…]

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