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July 15th – 21st Schedule

10.00 Angels Today with the Wild Atlantic Angel, Declan Kavanagh.

11.00 In Search of the Lost Chord with Rob Armstrong. This week is music from the movies

13.00 The Sodshow Peter Donegan chats with Manoj Malde, Silver Gilt medal winner at RHS Chelsea 2017. This was his first time to design there.It’s worth noting maybe, that this interview was recorded before medals were awarded.

13.30 Moze Talks To… Mary Ruth McCarthy spent part of her youth at the Galley Head lighthouse near Clonakilty. She wrote about her memories and spoke to Clonline Radio about electricity, watching ships, and a German crew ashore from a U-boat in 1945 (from the archives).

14.00  Sound & Places with Roos Demol. Our live weekly show in search of the best sounds from around the world.

16.00 Cosmosis An eclectic mix of old and new electronic, psych, ambient and the vibrations of the collective conscious.Free your mind and your ass, your ear and your elbow will follow

17.00 MIDWEEK LIVE SLOT  This spot is reserved for live shows mid week. If no live show scheduled it will be a selection of Cork music. Check facebook or twitter for details

18.00 In Search of The Lost Chord one hour show as earlier today. Canada!

19.00 Baz & Bob’s Late, Late Breakfast Show The show that’s infamous in all the right circles in West Cork.  These wonderfully wired weird-brains could chat about anything because they truly know everything.  

20.00 Transmission An arbitrary agglomeration about authentically audacious auditory amusements.

21.00 Gary’s Late Night Cuts John Coltrane has a church named after him, the Saint John Coltrane Church,where they say that you should listen to Trane every day for spiritual guidance. Tonight, we will listen to over 2 hours of the man. During the first of 3 parts,Gary will trace in chronological order, some of his 50’s recordings, right up themost famous jazz recording of all time – Miles Davis’s Kind of Blue (1959). Trane died 50 years ago on Monday the 17 th of July 1967.

22.00 Hames takes you through the night with the obliquest of tunes

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