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Schedule 24th June – 30th June

This week we are continuing with material from the Organic Arts Festival and an item from Ryan Edwards and Moze Jacobs. We’ll also be playing some recent episodes of Gary’s Late Night Cuts and Transmission. We’ll be back to our regular schedules next week!


08.00: Festival Opening Featuring some words from Tina Pisco, Dave Lordan and others

10.00: In Search of the Lost Chord

12.00: History Lecture Dominic Carroll on Che Guevera

13.30: Scoil na Mbuachailli Listen to the musicians of the future playing in Debarras

15.00: Ryan Edwards Cinema News & Reviews This week Ryan looks at Transformers and brings on a very special guess to help him review Moana

15.30: There is no business like … politics Moze M. Jacobs talks to Cork County councillor Christopher O’Sullivan about the Clonakilty Street Carnival, trees, homelessness, rates, edible towns, (the limits of) power.

17.00: Bloomsday Celebration Recorded on Thursday, this took place at DeBarras, featuring poetry and readings from Ulysses

18.00: Paul of Sound Our newest DJ Paul plays electronic music from Germany and Scandinavia

19.00 Sitting Room Session Recorded on the 14th June featuring Eugene Brosnan, Eoin O’Neil and Sleepwalker’s Station

20.30: A Skull in Con & Mauras Michael Holly, Aidan O’Keefe and Dan Guiney read a play recorded in Con and Mauras pub, written by Ralph Mexico

21.00: Transmission Listen to Ralph Mexico’s stunning selection of salacious serenades.

22.00: Gary’s Late Night Cuts Join Gary Hannon for an evening of late night hardcore techno

23.00: Pacific Age Zynklavier plays music from the 80s that is cold, uncaring and brutal

00.00: Hames takes you through the night with the obliquest tunes