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Ep22: Random Bursts of Wonderfulness #1 – Transmission

‘Random Bursts of Wonderfulness #1’: Listen to Ralph Mexico play an esoteric selection of gems.  The only thing you’ll be certain to hear on the show is “There’s a fax in here from the nuns in Clonakilty convent…”

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Transmission – Episode 13: 1981

Transmission: “1981? – Ridicule Is Nothing To Be Scared Of”: Listen to Ralph Mexico play the best music from the year he bought his first ever record.  It was also the year that Bucks Fizz won the Eurovision Song Contest.  These events may or may not be connected.

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Transmission Episode 12: 2 Ls

Listen to Ralph Mexico play music from bands that have consecutive L’s in their name.  This is in honour of The Go-Betweens, whose first five albums featured consecutive “L”’s in their titles (“Springhill Fair”, “Before Hollywood” etc.)  Will The Rolling Stones, Villagers or The Fall appear in this gallant “all[…]

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