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The Hollybush Hour Episode 7: Iconoclasm

The Hollybush Hour: Iconoclasm. This new episode takes us back to 1985, when, in a small town in West Cork a statue of the Virgin Mary appeared to start swaying back and forth. Up in Dublin, the faithful gathered to pray outside the gates of RTE as Gay Byrne interviewed[…]

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The Hollybush Hour Episode 4: The KLF: What The F**k Is Going On?

The Hollybush Hour: ‘What The F**k Is Going On?’ This week Mick introduces the 90’s pop-hip-hop duo The KLF, who were sued by ABBA, duo’d with Tammy Wynette and caused a bit of a stir on the The Late Late Show after they burned a million pounds…

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The Hollybush Hour- Episode 2: The Sounds of Labyrinth (1986)

Listen to the complete soundtrack of the seminal 1986 fantasy film starring the magic musical talent of the late David Bowie, the masterful puppetry of Jim Henson and produced by the legendary George Lucas. With an introduction by Mick Holly

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The Hollybush Hour- Episode 1: Throbbing Gristle

Clonline Producer Mick Holly’s Throbbing Gristle Hour (70’s/ 80’s Experimental electronic music) Throbbing Gristle were an English music and visual arts group formed in 1976 in Kingston upon Hull. The band comprised Genesis P-Orridge(born Neil Megson; bass guitar, violin, vocals, vibraphone), Cosey Fanni Tutti (born Christine Newby; guitars, cornet, vocals),[…]

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