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    Taking place this weekend is the third Clonakilty Organic Arts Festival

    All week we’ll be broadcasting some of the events as they take place. Starting on the Friday. We’ll also have regular shows such as Gary’s Late Night Cuts and the new Paul of Sound. Including in the schedule will be some live shows, including a special performance late on Saturday night. This schedule will be updated throughout the weekend

    11.00: Opening of the Festival: Featuring some words from Tina Pisco, Dave Lordan and others

    12.00: History Lecture: Dominic Carroll on Che Guevera

    13.30: Scoil na Mbuachailli: Listen to the musicians of the future playing in Debarras

    15.00: In Search of the Lost Chord: This week Rob Armstrong is playing weird and Wonderful

    17.00: Bloomsday Celebration: Recorded on Thursday, this took place at DeBarras, featuring poetry and readings from Ulysses

    18.00: Paul of Sound: Our newest DJ Paul plays electronic music from Germany and Scandinavia

    19.00 Sitting Room Session: Recorded on the 14th June featuring Eugene Brosnan, Eoin O’Neil and Sleepwalker’s Station

    20.30: A Skull in Con & Mauras: Michael Holly, Aidan O’Keefe and Dan Guiney read a play recorded in Con and Mauras pub, written by Ralph Mexico


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