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Sheelagh Broderick produces and presents End Notes a weekly programme that provides a platform to talk about experiences and beliefs in relation to death dying and the afterlife. Each guest selects their very own funeral playlist which becomes the programme ‘skeleton’ for chat on death matters. Sheelagh is also a visual artist.


Michael Holly is an artist and coordinator at Clonakilty Community Arts Centre. He works with various media including photography, video, installation and drawing in parafictional investigations into local and national identities. He is currently artist in residence at Uillinn West Cork Arts Centre and is an MA graduate in Visual Arts Practices from IADT, Dún Laoghaire.

Kieran Doyle is a writer, and director of a number of plays for Tadhg an Astna Players. He is also the author of ‘Behind the Wall: The Rise and Fall of Protestant Power and Culture in Bandon’ published in 2016. He is on the Clonakilty Organic Arts Festival organising committee. He presents the History Show on Clonline Radio. Dominic Carroll and Con McCarthy, are also part of Kieran’s team, with both receiving MAs in local history in 2015.


Eamon Sheehy is a writer and alternative music veteran. He has written articles for a multitude of publications crossing the spectrum of travel, the arts and societies on the fringe.  His new book ‘Summer in the City State’ is a nonfiction novella about travelling from Ceuta to Tangiers via the borders of Fortress Europe. He spent years putting out hardcore punk and alternative vinyl on the label Rimbaud Records, as well putting on diy gigs and feeding punk & folk bands. Follow Eamonn on Twitter: @Migratetofringe


Moze M. Jacobs (FB: @TheWriteMoze) is a writer, poet, radio maker, and translator/editor (English & Dutch). She performs poetry in combination with soundscapes and plays tenor/baritone sax with the Clonakilty Jazz Collective. She loves to interview people for Clonline Radio as well as live at the monthly pSoken Word sessions in DeBarra’s, Clonakilty. Sound, music, words are special areas of interest.


Ralph Mexico wasn’t born under a bad sign; his papa wasn’t a rolling stone; he’s got heart-strings, not guitar-strings. Still, he does like good music…The first album he bought was “Prince Charming” by Adam & The Ants. He’s been known to cite The Magnetic Fields’ “Busby Berkeley Dreams” as the finest song ever written. He is somewhat obsessed with music recorded between 1977 and 1984. He wants “Thank You And Good Night” by The Angels played when he’s being cremated.


Lauren Guillery is a French rock musician living in Ireland since 2000. She released her debut EP ‘Listen’ in 2007 and previously toured with Lauren Guillery & The Claws. She was awarded Best International at the inaugural BalconyTV awards. Lauren is currently working on an album of up-tempo grunge-chick pop-rock which is in production and due to be released later in the year.


Dan Guiney – From Dublin originally, he studied music in University College Cork graduating in 2010. Currently based in Clonakilty, he is an active performer and writer of music. Here is a selection of projects
 Strawk – a solo noise/performance piece with costume, improvised electronics and voice, POYLP – a collaboration with a butoh dancer also using electronics and costume, Days on End – a three day festival of sound and art centred around a 24 hour drone and R. Sinclair – an acoustic singer/songwriting project with guitar and voice.


Barry O’Mahony (Webmaster) spends most of his time teaching martial arts classes around West Cork, but spent a large part of the last decade as a graphic designer, running Dogfish Design since 2007. Out of a misguided sense of nostalgia for the career he fled, he offered to design the Clonline Radio website, and was pleasantly surprised to find that he actually enjoyed doing it.  As well as being given free-rein on the design of the site, he was also given free-rein over writing his bio for the site. Lacking the impressive artistic CV of others featured on this page, he decided to talk up his time playing with Clonakilty-based covers band Tequila Mockingbird, where his role largely comprised of playing all the wrong chords and telling jokes to fill the silences between songs. He also decided to allude to the fact that he may be Batman, but there’s no evidence to either prove or contradict that.


Gary Hannon has been a keen musician for 30 years and a DJ for 20 years. His love for music borders on infidelity! He adores the good parts (improvisation and raw emotions) and abhors the bad parts (auto-tune, most chart music). Playing mostly vinyl, Gary’s sets explore the music that he loves – genres such as jazz and dance music, and key artists such as Miles Davis, Björk, Kate Bush, Tom Waits, Radiohead. He is passionate about the merit of any song he plays–no matter how challenging. Check out Gary’s Late Night Cuts on Clonline Radio–a special show every time.


Conor Murphy is an English teacher, general bore and sometimes screenwriter. He produces The Video Trolley on Clonline Radio, a show delving into the history and dynamics of cinema from its infancy, up to the present day. Follow Conor on Twitter: @conorsmurf


Cathal O Regan is a Clonakilty, West Cork, Republic of Ireland native. Never did he think all this doodling and sketching instead of learning would bare any fruit. Using a style unique to him but resembles many ancient patterns. For this project Cathal provided the technology graphic.


Fintan McKahey is an Irish singer- songwriter. His percussive style of guitar resonates with the mystic pulse of West Cork. Travels through Thailand, the Masai Mara in Africa and studies with Laika shamans in the Sacred Valley, Peru, have influenced his songs. A multi disciplinary artist, he continues to work as a performer in Ireland, having trained as a classical actor at Kinsale’s amphitheatre. A year in London furthered his experience of music production, while hip hop and down tempo electronic music permeates his recent work. Fintan’s debut EP ‘Two Lifetimes Late’ launches at the iconic Debarra’s Folk Club on 19th June.


CONTRIBUTORS: David Bickley, Moze Jacobs,  Martin K Daley, Jason Lee, John Headlam, Dan Guiney, Mersk, Medazza, Michael Holly, Alison Glennie, Ina Harte, Finnin McCarthy, Gretta O’Donovan, Donal O’Brien, Marie Coomey, Anne Scannell, John Keating, Pierce Ryan, Mark Holland, Eamonn Sheehy, Karl Parkinson, Anja Bakker, Tina Pisco,  Greg Mulcahy, Barry O’Mahony, Amnesty International, Karen Minihan, Joe Ambrose, Lauren Guillery, Maura McCabe, Emmy Racine, John Twomey, Tom Lyons, Ger McCarthy, Mike Guerin, Kieran Doyle, Neil Fitzpatrick, John Fitzgerald, Fintan McKahey, Dave Lordan, Lorraine King Marshall

SUPPORTERS: Cork County Council, Clonakilty Community Arts Centre, Clonakilty Organic Arts Festival, Hunky Dory, De Barras, Connollys of Leap, Atkins, Sheehys, Connollys of Leap.